Division 15 Council Meeting
"Engaging the Present and Future of Kiwanis"

The Kiwanis Club of Winter Haven will host the Spring 2015 Florida Kiwanid Division Council Meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at the Shergill Grand Hotel. We are excited to have a very special keynote speaker who will be delivering an impactful message titled “Engaging the Present and Future of Kiwanis”. This will be a presentation you won’t want to miss! A delicious catered meal and a cash bar will provided.

Send attendee names and dinner selections to rsvp@winterhavenkiwanis.org by Monday, March 8, 2016.

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Event Details

Location                                                                  Itinerary
Shergill Grand Hotel Conference Center             6:00pm  Social Hour
5665 Cypress Gardens Blvd                                 7:00pm  Dinner
Winter Haven, FL 33884                                      7:30pm  Program

Sliced Roast Beef with Au jus or Herb Crusted Chicken Breast with a Basil Cream Sauce
Sautéed Green Beans
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Rosemary Accents
Fresh Baked Yeast Roll
Assorted Cheesecake


Something stirs in the heart of every Kiwanian that compels them to offer their unique blend of time and talents.  The same holds true for those who hold the future of Kiwanis in their hands.  And today’s leaders have a responsibility to tomorrow’s leaders to help them unlock their needs, wants and desires and apply them in a meaningful, fulfilling way.  

Truth. But, easier said than done. 

Yet there are a few intentional steps today’s leaders can take to ensure the future vitality of their organization.  What they do to Attract, Discover, Engage, Sustain and, at times, Redirect the passion of those who choose to serve can and will make the difference.       

As a result of their engagement in this interactive program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the critical role Otherliness plays in being an effective leader of volunteers
  • Discern the difference between simple recruitment and attraction when seeking to grow your organization
  • Craft and engage in Discovery conversations that elicit the intrinsic motivators of team members
  • Place volunteers in roles that feed their passion, thereby sustaining their service to the cause
  • Recognize that each of these steps is a natural part of the Volunteer Continuum, with the leader’s goal being to stretch the sustainment phase of each volunteer’s service

Effective leaders know that for future generations to experience the enrichment they have gained from their investment in Kiwanis, they must embrace that real engagement . . . happens one person at a time.

Speaker Bio

Barry Altland is a writer, speaker, thought leader and published author of the book, “Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer,” a simple guide for feeding the passion of those who serve. 

Barry blends world-class leadership principles from the for-profit world with his own numerous experiences as a volunteer and leader of volunteers to offer a fresh perspective on volunteer engagement.

In his professional life, Barry has cultivated talent strategies in a variety of industries, ranging from the theme parks of Central Florida to agribusiness, supply chain logistics, financial services and healthcare.  He has invested fifteen years developing talent and leadership across all levels of organizations.  Barry has served as a collaborative partner to teams and leaders to assess performance inhibitors and devise creative solutions that optimize people, passion and performance.  Mr. Altland has designed and facilitated hundreds of workshops and interactive learning experiences.

Barry’s volunteer life spans faith-based service, community association leadership, professional association leadership at the local and national level, working with youth, athletics, education-based volunteerism and social impact organizations.  Barry has even designed and led corporate social responsibility strategies in multiple companies.

The result of these experiences is content-rich guidance for leaders of volunteers to help them lead with Otherliness.  As leaders embrace Barry’s unique perspective, they develop into leaders better prepared to touch the hearts of volunteers by engaging them . . . one person at a time.

More insights and Mr. Altland’s contact information are available on the HHHE website via http://HHHEngagement.com.